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How to Bottle And Sell Your Own Sauce?

  • Release Lime: Nov 19 2019
  • Source: Sherry
How to bottle and sell your own sauce? Before you do it, please confirm following question first.
1. Think about appearance. People will be turned off by an ugly sauce. You definitely want yours to have an appealing look, smell, texture, and taste.
2. Consider the implications of your sauce recipe as it relates to flavor, marketing, and future sales.
 How to bottle and sell your own sauce?
The sauce recipe can be improved by continuous experimentation, but the appearance need to  do well before packaging, so how to bottle and sell your own sauce successfully?
1. Choose a beautiful bottle. A good looking bottle allows you to stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.
2. Set up an attractive label. This label not only attracts the attention of the customer, but also allows the customer to understand the composition of your sauce.
3. A suitable bottling machine. This is a very important part of the filling process. If the filling effect is not good, the sauce will stick to the bottle mouth, which will affect the display effect of the finished product. So here, we want to recommend a sauce filling machine for everyone, which is specially designed for filling sauces.

〇 Continuous automatic filling, automatic detection and container positioning.
〇 With automatic metering adjustment function, it is only necessary to input the desired filling amount system on the touch screen to perform automatic conversion, which is convenient to adjust and accurate in filling volume.
〇 The filling head with anti-drip and wire drawing, the filling and lifting system, and the filling inside the container prevent the filling and splashing.
〇 It has high work efficiency and can be combined with bottle washing machine, capping machine, labeling machine and inkjet printer to form a filling line.
After bottling, you also need to choose a sales channel. You can choose to go to the market to sell or sell online, or you can do it in two ways at the same time, choose a better one.

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