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Multihead Weigher Working Principle

  • Release Lime: Nov 18 2019
  • Source: Sherry
The multihead weigher is a weighing device, and its working principle is very easy. Its working principle is mainly to use the principle of combined weighing. The purpose of weighing is achieved by the combination of weighing heads, that is to say, the more the number of heads, the more combinations, the faster the speed and the higher the precision.
The machine has different models, such as 8 scales, 10 scales, 12 scales, 14 scales, 16 scales, 24 scales, etc. Each of them is a separate scale, which can be weighed independently.
Multihead Weigher Working Principle
The material is vibrated from the upper feed chute through the main vibrating plate, and the material reaches the line vibrating plate of each weighing head. When the first layer hopper (called the storage hopper) is empty, the material vibrates from the line vibration plate to the storage hopper according to the set vibration time. When the weighing bucket is empty after being discharged, the storage hopper is opened, the weighing bucket is discharged, and the weighing bucket starts to weigh.
For example, if we have a target weight of 250g, we take 5 bucket combinations( Is to take five of the weighing heads together as a weighing result). If we choose ten scales, 252 methods based on the arrangement. If our target weight is 250g, then the machine will automatically select the combination with the result closest to 250g in the combination of 252. The corresponding weighing bucket will discharge and complete the packaging once.

1.The weighing speed is fast. 10 buckets up to 70 packs per minute, 14 buckets up to 120 packs per minute.
2.Dynamic weighing accuracy: ±0.1~2.0g
3.High degree of automation: automatically complete the quantitative packaging system with the hoist and packaging machine.
The working principle and operation method of the multihead weigher is very easy, if you have any question, please contact us for free.

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