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How to Shrink Wrap Small Items?

  • Release Lime: Nov 12 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Heat shrink wrapping is a very popular packaging method, but for some small items, the size is small, so how to shrink wrap small items?
Don’t worry. The shrink wrap machine can be used for different size products, even the small items. And we can customize the shrink tunnel according to your product size.
 Shrink Wrap for Small Items
How to shrink wrap small items?
There are several main steps:
1. Wrap film: This step is generally accomplished by a servo motor drive chain driving a number of wrap rods. The height of the wrap rod can be adjusted by the mechanical part, and the speed and phase are controlled by the motion of the servo motor.

2. Conveying product: The main function of this part is to transport the product to the inside of the machine. Products entering the packaging machine come in two forms, a dispersed product and a product that has been packaged in a small package. Dispersed product refers to the product without any secondary packaging; The latter is the small package that has been once packaged by the pre-sequence packaging machine, and the heat shrink wrapping machine will conduct the second packaging on these small packages.
3. Heat shrink: The film that wraps the wrapping area around the package is electrically heated to tighten the film due to its shrinkage properties. This step mainly consists of a heating furnace wire and an air circulation system. The heating furnace wire raises the air temperature to the contraction temperature of the film. The circulation system blows the air heated by the fan onto the package and returns to the furnace wire for further heating.
In fact, whether it is a large item or a small item, when using heat shrink wrapping, their packaging procedure and packaging principle is the same, as long as strictly follow the process, you can complete the packaging.

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