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Multihead Weigher User Manual

  • Release Lime: Nov 08 2019
  • Source: Sherry
The multihead weigher packing machine has functions such as automatic feeding, automatic weighing, and automatic zeroing. The following are some multihead weigher user manual.
Composition and principle:
The machine consists of a supply bin, a vibrator, a scale bucket, an electrical box, and a fuselage. When working, the packaged material falls into the vibrator from the supply bin. Under the control of the microcomputer, the vibrator vibrates at the same time to feed the material into the scale. The electronic scale dynamically monitors the weight of the material in the scale bucket. When the material weight is close to the weighing value (packing specification), the vibration stops, and the scale bucket opens the door to complete the packaging.
 Multihead Weigher User Manual
Special Note:
〇 This machine is a precision device, and the 220V power supply used should be powered separately.
〇 Please do not install the machine in the open air, do not allow rain, avoid moisture.
〇 The center of gravity of this machine is on the top, be careful when moving to prevent falls.
〇 When the grid voltage frequently appears transient fluctuations above 10V, the accuracy of the weighing machine will be affected. If your grid often has frequent transient fluctuations, please install a 220V regulated power supply.
〇 The floor on which the weighing machine is installed should not vibrate, otherwise the weighing accuracy will be affected.

Installation and wiring:
1. Preparation before installation
(1) If you have a box, please open the box first.
(2) Cut the nylon cord that holds the glass door.
(3) Open the glass door, loosen the screws that secure the cover, and remove the cover.
(4) Remove the screws that secure the vibrator.
(5) Install the balance bucket activity section.
2. Power wiring
(1) This series of machines only need a 220V socket, but it should be noted that this socket can only be used by the weighing machine, otherwise it will affect the weighing accuracy.
(2) It is recommended to connect the 220V power directly from the power distribution cabinet or lighting circuit.
3. Installation
(1) Place the machine in the designated position and level the four foot screws.
(2) Check the machine for shaking.
(3) Check the floor for vibration.
(4) Insert the weighing machine lead plug into the 220V socket.
(5) Turn on the power of the machine after confirming that it is correct.
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