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10-1000ml Hot Sauce Bottle Filling Machine Automatic

Hot Sauce Filling Machine
Automatic Sauce Filling Machine
Liquid like hot sauce require specific machine, that can handle their specific viscosity and fill bottles efficiently. Our automatic sauce filling machine is designed to fill the hot sauce, depending on your space requirements and other needs, we can customize 2-12 filling heads to meet your facility's specific needs.
Scope of Application:
This hot sauce bottle filling machine is suitable for filling hot sauce, pepper sauce, chili sauce, peanut butter, jam and other liquid. Filling rotary valve can be customized according to the customer's material, in order to adapt to different customer's material filling requirements.
Chili Sauce Bottles

Hot Sauce Filling Machine Features:
◎ The hot sauce bottle filling machine is equipped with horizontal mixing hopper, which can ensure that the liquid is uniform in the filling process to the greatest extent, and no stratification occurs, ensure the filling accuracy of each glass bottle.
◎ The automatic sauce filling machine is designed to shorten the distance between the lower hopper and the filling head, and to overcome the disadvantage of uneven filling of materials with large oil content in the filling process.
Automatic Hot Sauce Filling Machine
Automatic Pepper Sauce Filling Machine

◎ SUS304 stainless steel material is used in the contact part of the sauce. The patent SUS304 stainless steel enlarges the diameter of the rotary valve 40*60, which ensures the filling of the sauce with particles.
◎ The automatic sauce filling machine is more simple and convenient in operation, precision error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and other aspects.
◎ This liquid filling machine for hot sauce design is compact and reasonable, the appearance is simple and beautiful, filling volume adjustment is convenient.
Hot Sauce Filling Solution:
In order to better cooperate with customers’ pre-production equipment, we provide an overall filling solution from bottle sorting to labeling, enabling you to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your production line.
Technical Data
Model CK-GT4T-4G
Voltage 220V  50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
SS Material SUS304
Pistion Material PTFE
Main Cylinder SMC(Japan)
PLC&Screen Delta
Filling Volume Range  100-1000ml
Filling Heads 4
Filling Speed 16-20 Bottles/Min
Machine Size (L*W* H)  2000*1050*1900 mm
Weight 350Kg
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