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How Shrink Wrap for Hot Sauce Bottles?

  • Release Lime: Dec 16 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Hot sauce is a very popular condiment in many countries, we can always see hot sauce in different bottles on supermarket shelves. All hot sauce bottles are heat-shrinkable before they are sold, but how to shrink wrap for hot sauce bottles?
It uses a shrink film to wrap the outside of the bottle, and then heats it to shrink the packaging material and wrap the bottle tightly. Fully display the appearance of the bottle, improve the display of the item, and increase the aesthetics and value.

Process of shrink wrap for hot sauce bottles:
The hot sauce bottles are conveyed to the bottle feeding belt of the heat shrink wrap machine. When the bottles have accumulated to a certain number, the sorting mechanism starts to work. Divide the hot sauce bottles into a group of n bottles (can also be a single bottle), and then the film feeding mechanism sends the packaging film synchronously. Then, each group of bottles is wrapped by a film feeding mechanism and a film wrapping mechanism, and then sent into a heat shrinking tunnel. This cycle is repeated until the operator issues a shutdown command.
The machine automatically counts, sorts, feeds, seals and cooperates with shrinking machines and other automatic packaging processes. It is suitable for cans, glass bottles, beer, mineral water and other items that need to be counted, and the whole row and automatic shrink packaging, suitable for PVC, PE and other shrink films.
 Shrink Wrap for Hot Sauce Bottles

1. The AC motor is equipped with a frequency converter.
2. PID temperature control.
3. Smooth and reliable operation, easy to maintain.
4. Adopting PLC program control, feeding, film wrapping, sealing and cutting, shrinking and cooling are combined in one machine.
5. Unique hot air circulation system saves energy and makes the shrinkage more tight and beautiful.
6. Three-layer thermal insulation treatment, good thermal insulation performance, fast temperature rise and energy saving.

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