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How to Pack Granola Bars?

  • Release Lime: Jan 13 2020
  • Source: Sherry
How to pack granola bars? There are many different ways, depend on which one you choose and which one is most suitable for your granola bars.
Method 1
Wrap it in tin foil before wrapping it with a layer of paper. This packaging method can make cereal bars look more beautiful.
 Granola Bar Package
Method 2
Bottle. Some manufacturers choose to pack granola bars into glass bottles, so that customers can clearly see the composition of granola bars. However, after the bottle is opened, it needs to be consumed within a short time. If it is too long, it is easy to get wet.
Method 3
Flow pack. The packaging film is wrapped around a single granola bar and then sealed to complete the packaging. This is a very common and simple way of packaging. This packaging method usually uses a dedicated granola bar packaging machine.
How to pack granola bars by the machine?
Through the operation of variable frequency stepless speed regulation motor, drives the continuously variable transmission via V-belt, in the gearbox, different operating speeds are obtained through the speed regulation of the transmission chain. Then transmitted from the timing belt to the planetary differential mechanism, the packaging film conveying length is adjusted, and the output shaft of the gearbox is driven to rotate and convey the packaging film through the chain transmission belt. During the packaging process, photoelectric tracking color labels are used to monitor and control the packaging.

The above are some of our more common packaging methods, if you have other methods, please tell us, maybe we can develop corresponding packaging machines.

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