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Digital Control Particle Filling Machine Instructions

  • Release Lime: Jan 21 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Cankey as a digital control particle filling machine manufacturer, we always put our customers first, in order to make it easier and faster for our customers to operate the packing machines, we will show the digital control particle filling machine instructions here.
Digital control particle filling machine instructions:
1. Prohibition against impact of weighing hopper.
2. Check and clean the residual material inside the machine before operation.
3. Before the first run, press the "Clear" key to clear.
4. Power must be disconnected when servicing or cleaning the machine.
5. When the electrical part fails, non-electronic engineering personnel are prohibited from repairing it.
6. Online signals with other equipment (such as packaging machines, conveyors, etc.), the DC voltage cannot exceed 30V, and the load current does not exceed 100mA.
 chips cans filling machine

Packaging process:
1. Feeding
First, the material is sent to the feeding hopper by the material conveyor. Then, the main vibrating machine discharges the material from the feeding hopper and feeds each line vibration plate. Adjusting the height of the feeding hopper can adjust the thickness of the falling material.
2. Weighing
After the material comes out of the main vibrating machine, it enters each line vibration plate uniformly, and enters the storage hopper for storage. When the weighing hopper finishes the last weighing and is emptied, the material in the hopper, the material vibrated by the line vibration plate enters the scale The weighing bucket is used for weighing to complete the material weighing.

3. Combination
The weights weighed by the weighing buckets are added according to the target weight, and N qualified combinations that satisfy the upper and lower deviations of the target weight are calculated, and then the optimal one is selected.
4. Unloading
The weighed materials are discharged to the packaging equipment, and the packaging machine automatically completes the packaging process.

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