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New Version Digital Control Particle Filling Machine for Nuts

digital control particle filling machine
nuts filling machine
Bottled nuts filing line consists of Z-type elevator, new version digital control particle filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine. It can automatically complete the bottling process of granules such as nuts, candy, snack, etc., so as to complete the automated assembly line production.
 Nuts Ffiiling Samples
Nuts Filling Machine Structural Features:
〇 The work operation is fully automated, and there is an automatic interlock protection device. The nuts filling machine is equipped with two operating modes, intermittent operation and continuous operation.
 intelligent particle filling machine

〇 Particle weighing and filling machine adopts advanced PLC + servo motor + touch screen advanced mode.
〇 The entire filling process uses an intelligent control system that can complete the automatic positioning, filling and metering of bottles.
 digital control particle filling machine factory

〇 The digital control particle filling machine is equipped with a reasonable height adjustment hand wheel, which is convenient for adjusting the height of the machine head.
〇 The whole filling line has stable performance, reliable work, high efficiency, and low failure rate. It is the ideal choice to realize automated production.
Particle Weighing and Filling Machine Characteristic:
〇 New advanced modular control system.
〇 The automatic amplitude adjustment function makes the debugging more convenient.
〇 Can weigh a variety of different materials at the same time to achieve mixed material packaging.

〇 According to production conditions, parameters can be directly modified during operation, and the operation is simple.
〇 Stepless vibration machine feeding system is used to make the material more uniform and the weighing range is larger.
Supporting Devices of Digital Control Particle Filling Machine:
Pneumatic valve device, leak-proof centrifugal device, tank support device, dust removal device.

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Technical Data
Item Quantity Main data
Z type hoist 1 3.05M
Platform 1 /
Multihead weigher 1 /
Capping machine 1 30-45bottles/min
Bottle sorting machine 1 10-80 bottles/min

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