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How to Package Beef Jerky?

  • Release Lime: Oct 28 2019
  • Source: Sherry
We always see beef jerky packed in beautiful bags sold in supermarket. But how to package beef jerky?
It complete by the beef jerky packaging machine, the whole packaging process is simple, fast and accurate.
How to package beef jerky by the machine?
Beef jerky is delivered to the hopper via a lift conveyor, when the material is added to the preset horizontal position, the photoelectric detector placed above the hopper sends a signal to stop the feeding of the lifting conveyor. When the horizontal position of the material on the hopper drops to the preset horizontal position, the photodetector will send a start feeding signal.
 How to Package Beef Jerky
Beer jerky entering the hopper is sent to the buffer hopper by the vibrating plate, and then sent to the weighing hopper by the buffer hopper. The beef jerky in the weighing hopper is weighed by the weighing sensor, and the output signal is sent to the microprocessor. There are several weighing hoppers along the whole circumference of the scale body. At the same time, the weighing signal is input into the computer, and the computer conducts random combination operation. The circuit detection combination can find the combination number of weighing hoppers closest to the target weight at the fastest speed. The beef jerky in the selected weighing hopper is moved by the opening and closing control mechanism of the weighing hopper. Beef jerky is unloaded and reaches the hopper through the finishing groove, and then enters the following automatic packaging machine.
Beef jerky packaging process is very easy. The most important thing is that the operator should be familiar with the operation process of the machine, in order to ensure the successful completion of the whole packaging process. If you have any problems in packing beef jerky, please contact us.

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