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How to Shrink Wrap Cosmetics?

  • Release Lime: Oct 30 2019
  • Source: Sherry
The cosmetics always wrapped by film when you buy on market. But do you know how to shrink wrap cosmetics?
Why use shrink wrap?
Many cosmetics are expensive and are packaged in cartons, so the box is very susceptible to moisture and softness, and the shrink wrap serves as a protection.
1. Shrink wrap makes the packaging of cosmetics more bright and higher grade.
2. Shrink wrap is more conducive to the dust-proof effect of the product in stock. If the product's appearance or outer casing is not wrapped by a shrink film, the product is likely to accumulate dust in the state of inventory.
3. The shrink wrap has good sealing performance, which is beneficial to the product to prevent moisture and prevent external pollution.
4. Shrink wrap can better protect the product from friction.
 How to Shrink Wrap Cosmetic
How to shrink wrap cosmetic?
1. Turn on the power, turn on the conveyor belt, shrink wrap machine warm up for 5 minutes, and close the fan switch. At this time, according to the size of the article, the thickness of the film, the temperature of the upper and lower chambers and the conveying speed are adjusted, and after the use requirements are met, the shrink packaging can be performed.
2. In actual conditions, if there are too many wrinkles after shrinkage, the conveying speed can be lowered or the heating temperature can be increased. Conversely, if excessive shrinkage occurs, the temperature can be lowered or the delivery speed can be increased.
3. After the operation is finished, first turn off the heating switch, let the conveying motor and hot air motor continue to run for about 10 minutes, and then cut off the power.

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