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How Wet Wipes Single Pack?

  • Release Lime: Aug 12 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Wipes are widely used in daily life, such as baby wipes, hand wipes, makeup remover wipes, etc. But how wet wipes single pack? Because the packet will include wipes and liquid, so it need special wet wipes packing machine to do it.
How wet wipes pack by the machine? The main packaging process is:
Delivery→Automatic vertical folding→Wet wipes cutting→Horizontal folding→Packing→Quantitative liquid→Print date→Sealing→Package cutting→Finished
 Single wet wipes packing
O The machine is equipped with a quantitative automatic liquid filling device, the liquid volume can be freely controlled according to actual requirements, and the liquid filling position is accurate.
O The vertical and horizontal seals are controlled by an independent PID temperature control system, with good sealing performance, no liquid leakage, and equipped with an ink wheel type automatic date printing device, and the digital printing is clear.
O The machine adopts a frequency converter combined with a PLC programming controller and a microcomputer display screen to jointly control production. The production parameters are clear at a glance and easy to operate.
O The machine casing and the parts contacting the wet wipes are all made of 304 stainless steel.
It has compact structure, fast speed, good stability, high production efficiency, and meets the requirements of various international health standards.

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