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Importance of Packaging of Bakery Products

  • Release Lime: Jan 26 2022
  • Source: Sherry
The packaging of bakery products is very important so that they can be kept for a long time from the day they are made. And attractive packaging will also increase appetite and enhance customers' desire to buy.
Importance of packaging of bakery products:
1. Delay product aging
The starch-aged bakery products is hard, dry, inelastic, and prone to falling crumbs when slicing. This not only affects the flavor but also reduces the digestion and absorption rate of the human body. Aging is an inevitable trend in bakery products storage, but the packaged product can delay the aging effect. The reason is that the bakery products is stored in a relatively constant humidity state, which is not easy to lose water, and delays the water phase separation of starch colloids. Colloid dehydration is also an important cause of aging.
2. Prevent contamination and mildew
As food for direct consumption, bakery products is required to be cleaned and sanitized to prevent contamination of dirt and fungi during storage, transportation and sales. The moisture content of bakery products skin is generally about 12-16%. If the temperature and humidity are suitable, and there is mold infection, it will be a food that is very prone to mildew and spoilage. In recent years, some manufacturers have added anti-mold agents and other measures in summer to prevent mildew and deterioration, but if they are not properly packaged, the phenomenon of mildew cannot be avoided. The packaged finished product can prevent infection from contact with air, containers and hands, and prolong the shelf life. If a mildew inhibitor is used in the formula, and packaging materials with better water resistance can be used, experiments have shown that it can be stored for half a month at a temperature of 32-35 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 90%. bakery products without mold inhibitor can be kept for 7 days if the package is well sealed. But under the same conditions, unpackaged bakery products can only be stored for 3 days, which shows the importance of packaging to prevent mildew.
3. prevent breakage
bakery products has not only the possibility of contamination during storage, transportation and sale, but also the risk of breakage and mutilation. Especially products with soft texture or surface spray slurry are more likely to occur. Wrapping bakery products in film can avoid friction between each other, and can also play a role in shock absorption, preventing collision and destroying the integrity of the appearance. For products that are easy to be flattened or coated on the surface, a transparent plastic tray can be used for protection and then wrapped with film.
4. Beautify the products and increase the value
The packaged products are very eye-catching because of the novel patterns and bright colors, which make the products beautify and improve the product grade. Packaging can also promote the nutritional characteristics of products. It can be said that packaging is also a form of advertising.
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