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Sachet Packaging Machine Sold to Philippines

  • Release Lime: Jan 24 2022
  • Source: Sherry
A Philippines customer who own a small food factory bought 3 sets of sachet packing machine to replacing the old machines for automated and high efficient packaging.
The machine is a multifunctional machine, small in size and simple in operation, which is favored by many customers.
What can this machine pack?
Sugar, salt, nuts, popcorn, beans, grain, and other particles products.
 Philippines packing machine
How does the machine work?
Detect the film roll placed on the support device with the photoelectric detection control device. A set of guide rods and tensioning devices, and the location of the logo pattern on the film. It is then rolled through a lapel machine into a film roll wrapping the surface of the filling tube. First, the film of the interface portion rolled into a cylindrical shape is longitudinally heat-sealed by a longitudinal heat-sealing machine to obtain a film tube. The film tube is then moved to the position of the transverse heat sealer for transverse sealing to form the bag.
How do you operate the machine?
The intelligent design makes the operation of the machine very simple.
1. Install the machine: first install the machine and the packaging film, install the packaging film roll on the support, and try to make the edge of the packaging film and the gap between the support frame vertical and parallel.
2. Turn on the power: After the machine is installed, lay the machine flat, plug in the power, turn on the power switch, and wait for the machine to work.
3. Setting parameters: set the length of the packaging bag, temperature parameters, packaging weight.
4. Pouring: Pour the material into the hopper and start working.
5. Automatic packaging: The machine automatically completes weighing, filling, sealing and cutting.
For more specific operation methods, we will send you the operation manual and operation video.
At present, the machine is already on its way to the Philippines, and we hope that customers can receive the machine as soon as possible.

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