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Ketchup Packing Machine Price

  • Release Lime: Apr 21 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What is the ketchup packing machine price? In our company, different types of ketchup packing machines have different prices, here are a few of the more popular models.
1. Small vertical ketchup packing machine
The price of this machine is about 3500USD-5000USD. It is a small equipment, suitable for small output packaging.
① Stainless Steel System.
② Wide range of packaging types including pillow bags, gusset bags, quad seal bags and more.
③ Up to 5 liter filling volume.
④ Pumps for continuous or intermittent delivery to baggers.
⑤ Rugged equipment to withstand harsh environments.
⑥ Customized to meet your production, packaging style and economic requirements.
 ketchup packing machine types
2. Multi-lanes ketchup packing machine
The price of this machine is about 10000USD-60000USD. The actual price depends on the number of lanes.
① The output is large, and it can produce 4 lanes, 6 lanes, and 8 lanes at a time.
② It adopts servo motor drive (cylinder drive), PLC control, 316 stainless steel plunger pump for metering, high loading accuracy, convenient adjustment and simple cleaning.
③ Using intelligent temperature controller control, the machine cannot start when the sealing temperature does not reach the set temperature, and the automatic alarm function of the sealing temperature exceeding the standard during the operation of the machine.
④ The length of the bag can be adjusted at will, just input the bag length number on the touch screen and automatically adjust and align each station. There is no need to manually adjust any mechanical parts, and the adjustment time does not exceed 1 minute, saving materials and time.
3. Kethup filling machine
The price of this machine is about 3000USD-20000USD, its function is to fill the ketchup into the bottle.
① The parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and fully comply with GMP standards.
② Fast and flexible interface, easy to disassemble and wash.
③ The filling volume and filling speed can be easily adjusted. It is easy to change the bottles of different specifications and shapes without changing parts.
④ The filling head is equipped with a leak-proof device, and the filling is absolutely free of wire drawing and dripping.
There are other types of ketchup packaging machines, if you interested, leave message to us.

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