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Mask Packing Machine HS Code

  • Release Lime: Aug 20 2021
  • Source: Sherry
The mask packing machine is actually a horizontal packaging machine, so their HS codes are the same: 8422303090
What is the role of HS code?
1. Facilitate customs supervision of commodities
The customs needs to use HS codes to carry out relevant supervision and statistics on imported and exported commodities. According to different codes, the actual statistics of commodities can also be carried out, and the collection of relevant tariffs can be implemented.
2. Commodity inspection
Through the HS code, relevant inspections can be carried out for the commodities that need to be inspected.
3. Related taxes
According to the HS code, the tax bureau can levy relevant taxes on commodities.
Why is the HS code of the mask packing machine 8422303090?
The mask packing machine mentioned in this article is a type of horizontal packaging machine, so the same HS code is used. However, due to the variety of mask packaging styles, different machines are required to complete, so not all mask packing machines use this code.
Why use this machine to pack masks?
1. Wide range of applications: it can be used not only for packaging masks, but also for packaging food.
2. It can not only pack a single mask, but also pack 5, 10, and 20 masks.
3. Clean and hygienic, effectively ensuring the production environment of masks.
 Mask packing machine HS code
Machine features:
1. Equipped with smart chip, automatic fault detection, simple operation and convenient adjustment.
2. The closed longitudinal sealing device makes the longitudinal sealing more stable, firm and stable.
3. High-speed horizontal sealing device, high sealing and cutting speed, clear and beautiful sealing lines.
4. With automatic positioning stop function.
5. There is a safety clutch device to protect the packaged items.

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