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How Does A Pouch Filling Machine Work?

  • Release Lime: Aug 23 2021
  • Source: Sherry
How does a pouch filling machine work? Its working steps are very simple, mainly including the following steps:
1. Feeding bags: The bag is sent to the machine clip by the way of take it up and send it down, without bag warning, reducing the labor intensity of workers.
2. Alarm when there is no bag to reduce the labor intensity of workers.
3. Open the bag: Open the bag to detect, do not open the bag, no blanking, to ensure that the material is not lost.
4. Filling material: If the material is not filled, it will not be sealed to ensure that the bag is not wasted.
5. Heat sealing: alarm for abnormal temperature to ensure sealing quality.
6. Cooling, shaping and discharging: to ensure beautiful sealing.
Of course, for different models, the workflow will be different, mainly depending on whether there are additional functions.

☆ Stainless steel appearance, beautiful and high-grade equipment, stable operation.
☆ Instead of manual packaging, the production efficiency is improved, and the production cost is greatly reduced.
☆ Adopt PLC control, touch screen operation, wide range of use, and can set the operating speed according to the demand of production capacity.
☆ The size of the packaging bag can be changed quickly, and it can be easily and quickly adjusted by adjusting the handle.
☆ Automatic detection function, if the bag is not opened or the bag is incomplete, no feeding, no heat sealing, the bag can be reused, and no packaging materials and raw materials are wasted.
☆ Suitable for stand up bags, zipper bags, four-side sealing bags, three-side sealing bags, paper bags, M-shaped bags and other composite bags.
☆ It can automatically complete the functions of bag suction, date printing, bag opening, feeding, sealing, and finished product output.
☆ It can be operated on-line with multi-head combination scales, screw scales, filling machines, screw elevators, Z-type elevators, etc.
One pouch filling machine is multi-purpose, and only needs to configure different metering devices according to different materials to realize automatic packaging of products such as particles, powders, liquids, and pastes.
1. Liquid: detergent, soy sauce, vinegar, beverages, ketchup, jam, chili sauce;
2. Particles: peanuts, dates, potato chips, rice crisps, nuts, candies, pet food, etc;
3. Powder: flour, condiments, milk powder, glucose, chemicals, pesticides, etc.

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