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Method of Packaging of Biscuits

  • Release Lime: Mar 24 2020
  • Source: Sherry
We can see different method of packaging of biscuits on market. The different packaging methods will not only affect the way biscuit are displayed on the shelf, but also affect people's purchases. Common methods of packaging of biscuit are shrink wraps, cartons, tines, etc.
Shrink wraps
Shrink wrapping involves the use of plastic films which are strongly orientated in construction so that they shrink in the longitudinal direction when the plastic is warmed. The biscuit package or case is firstly wrapped relatively loosely in the shrink film. It is then passed through a short tunnel where warm air is blown onto it. The film shrinks and on cooling a very rigid package is formed. This method of packaging of biscuit always complete by shrink wrap machine.
 Methods of biscuit packing
It is sometimes decided to place the basic film wrapped biscuit pack within a paper board carton. This is for display, to form multi packs or to give added mechanical protection. Although it adds to the cost, it does give a tidy package and, being outside the moistureproof wrapper, the carton can be made of non greaseproof materials, include waste paper pulp in its construction.
Tins were the main method of biscuit packaging in the early biscuit manufacturing. Tins offer exceptionally good protection against moisture, light and physical damage. However tins are now used only for very specific types of packaging for biscuits. Because they are expensive, they take up a lot of space when empty and they are not suitable for high speed packing operations.
There are also many other methods of packaging of biscuits, welcome to share to us.

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