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What Is Your Multihead Weigher Price?

  • Release Lime: Mar 25 2020
  • Source: Sherry
What is your multihead weigher price? Send me your quote.
First of all, on this issue, I can only tell you a price range here, because the price of different models is different. The multihead weigher price is about $ 15000- $ 30000.
 Multihead weigher packing machine
What makes the price difference of the machine?
1. The number of heads of multihead weigher. In general, the more heads there are, the higher the technical requirements, the more accurate the weighing, and the higher the price.
2. Configuration of the packaging machine. There are many choices of packaging machines, such as vertical, bag type, canned and so on. The prices of different types of packaging machines are different, which makes the overall price of multihead weigher packaging machines different.
Therefore, the actual price of the machine needs to be communicated with the customer before the specific requirements can be sent.
Purchase considerations:
1. Pay attention to the versatility of the machine when purchasing, it can meet the weighing combination needs of multiple products, and it must have certain sanitary requirements. Easy cleaning and high waterproof performance are the main considerations.
2. Quantitative statistics, qualified rate, time, speed and other control devices are also considered areas, preferably automatic control mode. If you only produce a single product for a long time, you can choose a dedicated machine. If there are more product types, you can choose a multifunctional machine.
3. Although the price of the machine is important, so is the quality. High-quality machines can provide you with better service and reduce maintenance costs.

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