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What Is Milk Powder Packaging Process?

  • Release Lime: May 17 2019
  • Source: Sherry
What is milk powder packaging process? As technology evolves, it has become very simple, requiring only the following steps.
Milk powder packaging process:
Finishing cans → turning pot, blowing and washing, sterilizing machine → powder filling machine → chain plate conveyor belt → capping machine → code machine

The milk powder filling machine used in the milk powder packaging process is designed in accordance with GMP standards, fully meet national food hygiene requirements, the fully automated operation of the pipeline ensures that people are not exposed to food throughout the milk powder packaging process, and the packaging process is completely transparent and reliable.
The machine is filled with a spiral filling machine, servo, indexing plate positioning system, touch screen display, PLC control, packaging accuracy and speed have been improved. It is suitable for packaging all kinds of powdery and ultrafine powder materials. The screw can solve the dust problem during the packaging process.
Milk Powder Packaging Process 

The inner wall of the container in contact with the material is polished, and the structure that is frequently removed and washed is connected by easy-to-removal parts to ensure convenient handling when changing the product. The filling accuracy of the system can be controlled within ± 1 - 2g.

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