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Kurkure Packaging Material

  • Release Lime: May 15 2019
  • Source: Sherry
What kinds of kurkure packaging materials are there? There are three common packaging materials:
Kurkure Packaging Materials
1. KOPP/VMOPP/LDPE, for kurkure packaging, good heat sealing, oxygen barrier, shading, etc.  The shelf life can be more than one year. If the method of nitrogen filling is used, a longer shelf life can be achieved.
2. BOPP/VMPET/CPP or PE, BOPP/PE/VMPET/CPP coextruded film, OPP/PET/AL/CPP, the form adopted is air-conditioned packaging, which has the advantages of sealing, shading and oil resistance.
3. BOPP/VMCP, PET/VMCPP, commonly used in the packaging of puffed foods such as kurkure, this material is less expensive than the above two materials, but the shelf life of the contents is shorter. The material has the advantages of oxygen barrier, moisture resistance, light protection, oil resistance, colorful color and low cost. Among them, BOPP has good printability, high gloss and good oil resistance. VMCPP has good barrier properties, and it retains moisture and moisture.
In addition, kurkure is packaged differently:
Kurkure Packaging Types
1. Ordinary soft packaging, the bulk form that is not filled with any gas or vacuumed, can meet the different shelf life requirements according to the different barrier materials added in the packaging material.
2. Filled with air in soft packaging, flush air into the finished package to prevent the food from being crushed. Generally choose a material with good toughness to prevent the bag from rupturing.
3. Nitrogen-filled flexible packaging, nitrogen is used to prevent oxidative deterioration of fried foods. The corresponding packaging materials have high barrier properties against nitrogen and oxygen, and most of them are aluminized composite films.
These are the main kurkure packaging materials and packaging methods.

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