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How Vacuum Packing Preserve Food?

  • Release Lime: Apr 30 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Vacuum packaging is a very common form of packaging, but do you know how vacuum packing preserve food?
Vacuum packaging means that all the air in the packaging container is pumped out and sealed, make the bag in a highly decompressed state, lack of air is equivalent to hypoxic effect, to make microorganisms have no living conditions, in order to achieve the purpose of fresh food, no decay occurred.
 Vacuum Packing Food
Vacuum packaging is mainly to remove oxygen, to prevent food deterioration. Because food spoilage is mainly caused by the activity of microorganisms, most of which need oxygen to survive, vacuum packaging is the application of this principle, the packaging bag and food cells inside the oxygen removed, so that the microorganism lose the living environment, thereby inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, in order to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation of food.
In addition to inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, another important function of vacuum packaging is to prevent food oxidation, because fat kind food contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acid, suffer the action of oxygen and oxidation, make food flavour, metamorphic, in addition, oxidation still makes vitamin A and C loss, the instable material in food pigment suffers the action of oxygen, make color dark. So, except oxygen can prevent food to spoil effectively, maintain its color, sweet, flavour and nutrition value.
Simply put, vacuum packaging preserves food by removing oxygen.
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