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Pillow Pack Machine Sold to Malaysia

  • Release Lime: Feb 15 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Pillow pack machine is a very popular and widely used packaging equipment. Many food companies choose to buy this equipment. A customer from Malaysia purchased a pillow pack machine to pack his spring rolls. The machine can not only pack spring rolls with trays, but also can be used to pack spring rolls without trays. In addition, the machine is also suitable for the packaging of various solid and regular objects such as biscuits, instant noodles, bread, and candies.
After the packaging film enters the bag maker through the packaging film drive device, the bag is made. The spring rolls enter the bag maker from the feeding and conveying device, and then carry out longitudinal sealing and transverse sealing and cutting, and then output after completion. The machine is similar to the vertical packaging equipment, and there are many similarities in the functional mechanism. Both belong to the method of bag making + packaging, but the application direction is different.
pillow pack machine malaysia 
Using well-known brand electrical components, the packaging action is controlled by two sets of servo motor mechanisms. It satisfies the synchronization of feeding, pushing, film feeding, sealing and cutting speed, and can realize intelligent adjustment.
It is convenient for variety replacement and realizes multiple uses of one machine, which greatly saves adjustment time and enterprise investment.
The conveyor chain adopts a flexible clamping design to avoid damage to the material during operation and affect the yield. At the same time, there is no residue left, and mildew is avoided.
The new double longitudinal sealing heating structure can meet the good sealing in high-speed packaging.
Also, because the Malaysian customer wanted to pack different quantities of spring rolls in one bag, so we configured different sizes of bag former for him to meet his different packaging needs.

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