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pillow pack machine
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packaging machine for cookies
This cookie packaging machine is a multifunctional packaging machine, which can pack a single cookie or multiple biscuits together. Works with cookies of different sizes.

Cookie Packaging Machine Working Principle:

Connect to the front-end cookies production line or manually pour cookies to achieve fully automatic packaging.
1. Frequency. Through the belt speed difference, the function of the baffle device pulls the products laterally a certain distance and arranges them into rows/columns.
2. The storage conveyor frequency conversion speed regulation, the transition mechanism connecting the discharge machine of the sinking unit and the automatic sorting unit. Further organize the cookies to ensure the same direction of the cookies to prevent the possibility of material jams.
3. The discharging adopts an open design, and the product has good passability. With the finishing of the brush, the effect is better, and the occurrence of material blocking is prevented.
4. Packing speed: 80─230 packs/min per single line (according to cookies size and characteristics)

Features of Packaging Machine for Cookies:
O The machine body is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets the requirements of GMP regulations.
O The packaging film shaft adopts a self-weight motor pressure paper feeding structure, and the bag is flat and has a good edge.
O The advanced microcomputer dual control system is used to accurately adjust the metering and bag length.
O The cookies packaging machine uses an intelligent temperature controller to control the horizontal and vertical sealing temperature, so that the sealing is firm, the airtightness is good, the bag shape is flat and exquisite, and the packaging efficiency is high.
O A series of actions such as bag making, filling, counting, sealing, slitting, and output of finished products are all completed automatically.

Packaging machine for cookies factory

Cookie Packaging Machine Operating Steps:
1. Install machine: Install the machine and the packaging film first, install the packaging film on the support, and try to make the gap between the edge of the packaging film and the middle of the support frame vertical and parallel.
2. Power on: After installing the machine and placing it flat, plug in the power and turn on the power switch and wait for the machine to work. The power plug must be connected to a plug with a grounding wire.
3. Setting parameters: Set the bag length and temperature parameters.
4. Feeding the cookies: Put the cookies on the conveyor belt and press to start working.
5. Automatic packaging.

The machines produced by different manufacturers have different structures, some are suitable for the packaging of a single type of product, and some can be used for the packaging of different products. Our packaging machine for cookies adopts a universal bag maker, which can be adjusted according to the size of the product to meet the packaging requirements of different products. And it can also add sorting line to realize fully automatic packaging.
Technical Data
Model CK-ZS250X
Width of Film Max.250mm
Length of Bag 65~190mm or 120~280mm
Width of Bag 30~110mm
Height of Product Max.40mm
Film Roll Diameter Max.320mm
Packing Speed 40~230bags/min
Power 220V,50/60HZ,2.4KVA
Size (L)3920×(W)670×(H)1320
Weight 800Kg

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