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What Is Principle Of Vacuum Packaging?

  • Release Lime: Feb 13 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Vacuum packaging is a very common method of packaging. But do you know what is principle of vacuum packaging?
Vacuum packaging is also called decompression packaging. It is to completely remove the air in the packaging container, so that the bag is in a state of high decompression, the microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh and disease-free rot. At present, there are plastic bag vacuum packaging, aluminum foil packaging, composite packaging and so on. Packaging materials can be selected according to the type of item.
 Vacuum Packaging
Principle of vacuum packaging: The purpose is to reduce the oxygen content in the package, prevent the deterioration of the food, maintain the color and taste of the food, and extend the shelf life.
The main principle of vacuum packaging is to remove oxygen, which is beneficial to prevent food deterioration, and the principle is relatively simple. Because the deterioration of food mold is mainly caused by the activity of microorganisms, and the survival of most microorganisms requires oxygen. Vacuum packaging uses this principle to remove oxygen from the inside of the package and food cells, so that the microorganisms lose their "survival environment”. When the oxygen concentration in the package is ≤1%, the growth and reproduction speed of microorganisms drop sharply. When the oxygen concentration is ≤0.5%, most microorganisms will be inhibited and stop breeding.
In addition to inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, vacuum packaging is another important function to prevent food oxidation. Because oily foods contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, they are easily oxidized, making foods taste and deteriorate. In addition, oxidation also causes loss of vitamins A and C, and unstable substances in the food coloring matter are affected by oxygen to darken the color. Therefore, oxygen scavenging can effectively prevent food from spoiling.

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