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What Is the Advantages of Vacuum Packaging?

  • Release Lime: Feb 14 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Many restaurants, food processing plants, etc., usually use freezing to preserve food, however, many factories vacuum package food and then freeze it, which can make the shelf life of food longer. But what is the advantages of vacuum packaging?
The role of vacuum packaging
Vacuum packaging is the process of putting food into storage containers or bags, draining the air, and then sealing it. Special vacuum packing machines are usually required. Meat, seafood, vegetables, processed products, etc., without the use of vacuum packaging, the speed of oxidation corruption will be very fast.

 Advantages Of Vacuum Packaging

Advantages of vacuum packaging
1. Reduce the oxidation speed
Just as the body needs antioxidants to fight aging, the ingredients in food combine with the oxygen in the air to produce chemical reactions, deterioration and ageing. For example, a peeled apple will quickly change color and become soft when left at room temperature. Not only will the taste and taste of the apple change, but also the nutrients inside the apple will gradually lose. After vacuum packaging treatment, can directly block the air, effectively extend the shelf life.
2. Inhibit bacterial reproduction
If food is exposed to air, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacterial reproduction will accelerate the decay of food. If bacteria can be prevented from entering the food, the quality of food can be effectively guaranteed.
3. Prevent drying
Whether placed at room temperature or in a freezer, the water inside the food slowly evaporates. Once water evaporates, it will cause dryness and discoloration of the appearance, as well as poor taste. The use of vacuum packaging can prevent water evaporation and effectively avoid drying problems.

 Meat Vacuum Packaging

4. Avoid food frostbite
Use freezer to store food, if the temperature is too low or storage time is too long, can make food frostbite, resulting in dehydration, fat acidification. Vacuum packaging can isolate external temperature fluctuations and prevent frostbite.
5. Vacuum packaging can extend the shelf life
Although different foods have different ingredients and have been preserved for different periods of time, however, the storage period can be extended by more than 1.5 times with the use of vacuum packaging in cold storage, and 2-5 times with the use of vacuum packaging and freezing.
These are the advantages of vacuum packaging, any question, please contact us for free.

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