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How To Shrink Wrap Bath Bombs?

  • Release Lime: Mar 11 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients which is suitable for bathing. The bath bombs we buy from market always shrink wrapped by plastic film, but how to shrink wrap bath bombs?
Because bath bombs are spherical, it can be very difficult to package manually, and it doesn't fit well. So most bath bombs manufacturers use commercial shrink wrap machine to do this work.
 Shrink Wrap Bath Bombs
Why shrink wrap bath bombs?
1. Bath bombs are very dusty in stock, and the shrink-wrapped products will only fall on the packaging film, will not touch the product, and can also prevent moisture.
2. The sealing is good, it is good to prevent external pollution, and the fragrance of bath bombs can be well preserved.
3. Prevent external shocks, play a buffering role, and have good protection.
Bath Bombs Shrink Wrap Machine

How to shrink wrap bath bombs by machine?
Principle: When the shrink film is heated, the irregular arrangement between the molecules changes. Under the heat radiation such as infrared rays, the plastic molecules are closely arranged, thereby reducing the original area and adhering to the surface of the product to achieve the packaging purpose.
Packaging process: The shrink packaging process of bath bombs is divided into two main steps, film wrapping and shrinking. In the packaging process, the product is first wrapped and sealed on the sealing and cutting machine, and then placed on the shrinking machine conveying net to automatically enter the shrinking cavity to shrink, so that the shrink film and the packaged products are closely bonded to become one. The main process is: wrapping film - film sealing - film shrink - finished product.

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