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How To Do Vacuum Packing?

  • Release Lime: Mar 12 2019
  • Source: Sherry
How to do vacuum packing? When you want to vacuum packing food, you may consider this question first. Generally, we do vacuum packing commercial vacuum chamber machine.
 How To Do Vacuum Packing By Machine?

How to do vacuum packing by machine?
There are 6 steps:
1. Power on: Plug the power cord into a suitable power outlet, turn on the power, the power indicator will light, and select the vacuum time and pumping time according to the product.
2. Place the package containing the product in a vacuum chamber, and place the bag neatly on the heat seal.
3. Press down the cover, the vacuum indicator on the control panel lights up, the vacuum pump starts pumping, the cover is automatically sucked, the vacuum button can adjust the level of vacuum according to the packaging requirements, and the adjustment should be from low to high. The magnitude should not be too large.
4. When the pumping reaches the set time, that is, when the vacuum packaging is completed, the pumping is finished and the indicator light is extinguished.
5. The heat seal indicator light is on, enter the sealing stage, the control panel is provided with heat sealing time and temperature adjustment button to adapt to different materials and different thickness bags.
6. When the set heat sealing time is reached, the heat seal indicator is extinguished, the heat sealing process is finished, and the vacuum packaging process is finished.

Why use vacuum packing?
Vacuum packaging allows the bag to be highly decompressed, low air is equivalent to low oxygen effect, microorganisms have no living conditions and can achieve the purpose of preservation and disease-free rot.
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