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Sold Sachet Packaging Machine to Philippines

  • Release Lime: Jul 13 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Sachet packaging machine is currently a more popular packaging machine, widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine and other industries. Not long ago, a customer from the Philippines also ordered this machine in our company to pack tomato paste.
 Sachet packaging machine Philippines
Why is this machine so popular?
1. Wide range of applications. This series of machines can be divided into three types, which are suitable for different forms of materials: powder, granule, and liquid.
2. cheap price. The price of a machine is about 3000USD.
3. Small footprint. Small size, space saving, very suitable for new business development.
How does the machine work?
Step 1: packing film feeding. There are different packaging films for you to choose from, for example, aluminum/PE, paper/PE, OPP/PE or nylon/PE. The location of the packaging film is on the shaft at the back of the machine.
Step 2: film tension. The packaging film is fed through nip rollers, and a set of nip rollers maintain a constant tension on the film by maintaining a uniform pressure on the film.
Step 3: bag forming. The packaging film passes through the tube to form a ring, and the two outer edges of the film overlap each other to complete the longitudinal seal.
Step 4: filling and sealing. Fill the material and heat-sealing it horizontally.
Step 5: Cut and release the sachet. Cut off at the middle part of the heat seal to complete a complete packaging action.
How to operate the machine?
The operation of the machine is very simple, mainly controlled by touch screen and buttons, one person can complete the entire operation process. After you receive the machine, we will send you a detailed operation video. We believe that you can operate the machine proficiently after watching it.
We have sent the operating video of the sachet packaging machine to the Philippines customer. After he receives the machine, he can start operation and put it into production.

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