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Sauce Packaging Machine Philippines

  • Release Lime: Jun 24 2021
  • Source: Sherry
A Philippines customer bought a sacue packaging machine from our company, who will use the machine to pack tomato sauce in small packet.
Why pack tomato sauce into small packet?
A packet is a small bag, made from paper, foil, plastic film or another type of packing material. Often used to pack single-use quantities of foods, such as tomato sauce, wasabi, etc, very common in fast food restaurants. They provide a simple and low cost way of distributing small amounts of condiment with ready-to-eat packaged food such as hot dogs, french fries, or hamburgers. No waste and easy to carry.
How to pack tomato sauce?
Completed by a professional packaging machine, the workflow is very simple: the packaging film is made into a bag tube, after filling with sauce, sealing bag. The three functions are automatically and continuously completed. This machine is a tool that many factories like very much:

*Simple operation and convenient maintenance.
*The intelligent temperature controller can control the temperature of the heat sealer at a constant temperature to ensure the sealing quality.
*The length of the bag can be adjusted as required.
*Suitable for heat-sealable composite packaging materials such as paper/polyethylene, cellophane/polyethylene, BOPP film, etc.
Types of sauce packet:
There are three main types currently on the market: back seal, three-side seal, four-side seal, respectively as shown in the picture:
Sauce packaging machine Philippines
The three packaging methods have no obvious advantages and disadvantages, and can be selected according to the factory's production requirements and customer preferences. Of course, we can also customize the special-shaped pouch packaging machine according to the customer's packaging requirements.

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