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Secondary Packaging of Soap

  • Release Lime: Jan 12 2022
  • Source: Sherry
The main purpose of secondary packaging is brand display and logistics purposes. In addition to protecting and organizing individual unit during storage. They are often used by the soap industry to display on the shelves, sometimes also called grouping or display packaging. Secondary packaging also includes packaging specifically designed to display multiple units of product for sale, speeding up restocking from pantry to shelf.
The secondary packaging of soap is completed on the basis of the primary packaging, secondary packaging is usually cartoning and film wrapping (this is sometimes referred to as tertiary packaging).
 secondary packaging of soap
1. Cartoning
The main purpose is to automatically put the products and instructions into the folding packaging carton, and complete the sealing action.
O The use of mechanical packaging instead of manual packaging prevents the product from directly contacting the human body, reduces the time the product is exposed to the air, and provides a reliable guarantee for the cleaning of the product.
O The mechanical packaging is accurate in measurement, compact in packaging, neat in appearance, stable in packaging quality, standardized, and adaptable to various transportation conditions and processing methods.
O The machine adopts a stepless speed change device, which can flexibly adjust the packaging speed and adjust the production capacity.
2. Film wrapping
The process is to wrap the transparent film on the surface of the soap box, so as to achieve the effect of dustproof and antifouling. And it has good marketability. This step requires a professional cellophane wrapping machine to complete.
The machine adopts advanced multi-function digital display frequency conversion stepless speed regulation technology, and also applies PLC programming control technology. It can realize automatic box feeding, automatic counting and other functions. The machine is driven by a series of internal cams to drive various connecting rods and components to complete the packaging work. While the finished product is anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof and dust-proof, it also improves the product grade, added value and sales volume. The packaging materials are OPP BOPP film, cellophane and anti-counterfeiting gold wire.

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