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Shrink Wrap Machine Operating Procedure

  • Release Lime: Dec 01 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Shrink wrapping is a very commonly used packaging method, and heat shrink wrapping machines play a very important role in the entire packaging process. But when you buy a heat shrink wrap machine, do not start operation immediately, start operation after familiarizing with the shrink wrap machine operating procedure.
In order to prevent the wrong operation from bringing danger, we will list the detailed shrink wrap machine operating procedure here.
 Shrink wrap machine
1. Precautions before starting
1.1 Receive the heat shrinkable film used on the day and check whether it is qualified (size, thickness, etc.)
1.2 Check mechanical moving parts.
1.3 Check whether there is plastic slag on the track, and clean it up if any.
1.4 Use jog to check whether the machine is running normally, whether the rollers of the conveyor belt rotate flexibly, and the rotating parts such as bonded plastic slag should be cleaned in time.
1.5 Turn on the power switch, enter the main screen, press the enter work button to enter the work screen. Turn on the 4 heating switches vertically inside, outside vertically, up horizontally, and horizontally down to set the temperature, the horizontal seal is generally set at 120°C-130°C, and the vertical seal is generally set at 160°C—190°C. At the same time, the heat shrink machine heats up, and the temperature is set to 150℃—160℃.
1.6 To install the film, pierce the packaging film according to the schematic diagram of the packaging film on the machine.
1.7 After the temperature rises normally, adjust the machine, set the speed, bag length, cutting point position, and tracking amount to the required value, and use the electric button to move the horizontal sealing knife to the closed position.
2. Start packing
2.1 Press the start button and check the horizontal and vertical sealing effect of the film packaging bag after the machine is running.
2.2 Observe whether the horizontal sealing knife is in the ideal position and the box is in the proper position. If it is leading or lagging, click the forward or reverse adjustment to achieve the ideal position.
2.3 Regularly check whether the product after the heat shrinking machine is neatly packed, and the surface is required to be smooth and wrinkle-free.
2.4 Adjust the horizontal and vertical temperature and the temperature of the heat shrink machine at any time according to the stitching effect of the film packaging bag.
2.5 During the wrapping process, if there is a failure, you should check the horizontal sealing knife servo alarm, the packaging bag servo alarm, the knife proximity switch failure, the emergency stop button switch, and the troubleshooting in time.
3. Wrapping finished
3.1 Turn off the temperature control switch and let cold air blow into the shrinking furnace.
3.2 When the temperature inside the machine drops below 60°C , turn off the other switches and disconnect the power supply.
3.3 Remove the shrink film from the equipment, record the consumption data, and clean the site and equipment.
Hope this shrink wrap machine operating procedure is helpful to you, if you have any questions about the content inside, please contact us:  

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