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Beer Bottling Process Flow Chart

  • Release Lime: Dec 08 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Beer is one of the old and widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world, some people may drink a bottle of beer every day. But are you curious how to pour beer in a bottle? We will show you the beer bottling process flow chart here.
The main flow are:
depalletising — rinsing — carbon dioxide injected — filling — capping — labeling —    print date — finished
 Beer bottling process flow chart
The following steps are more important:
1. Depalletising
This is the first step of beer filling. Take out the bottle from the original tray. After taking it out, rinse the bottle with filtered water to reduce the oxygen content.
2. Filling
This is the second stage of beer filling. Put the bottle on the conveyor belt of the beer filling machine and automatically transport the bottle to the filling head to complete the filling. At this stage, the bottle is filled with beer first, and then filled with some inert gas to prevent oxidation.
3. Capping
The filled bottles will pass through the capping machine to seal them. Different types of caps require different forms of capping machines.
4. Labeling
The beer bottles that have been filled and capped will pass through the labeling machine. This process is crucial because it ensures that all bottles have a manufacturing date and expiration date, which is a requirement for food production to ensure people's health.
Finally, the certified beer bottles are packed into cartons for transportation to stores or markets, ready for sale.

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