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Honey Bottling Machine Sold to UK

  • Release Lime: Jul 08 2022
  • Source: Sherry
A UK customer bought a small scale honey bottling machine for their honey processing factory. Because the UK customer's factory has a small output per day, we recommended a 2-head filling machine to the UK customer. And a protective cover is installed to ensure that the honey filling process is clean and hygienic. And the part in contact with honey is made of stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food production and processing.
Honey bottles 
For large-volume customers, we can also provide models with 4-12 filling heads to meet different production scales. At the same time, we can also configure a fully automatic filling line according to the customer's requirements for the degree of automation. The complete honey filling line contains:
Bottle management - bottle washing - sterilization - filling - capping - labeling - film wrapping - heat shrinking -boxing
This filling line is a new honey filling production line developed by our company in combination with the production process requirements of honey. The volume measurement method is adopted to achieve a filling accuracy of 1%, and there is no need to adjust due to frequent temperature changes. When filling, the filling head is inserted into the bottle, so that the honey will not splash out, and the filling nozzle rises slowly with the liquid level. The filling head has a special locking device, so that the filling nozzle will not drip after filling.
The filling line has the advantages of quick cleaning, quick adjustment, and stepless speed regulation of volumetric metering pump action. And the intelligent control system is adopted, and it is only necessary to set the setting on the touch screen to adjust the filling amount or change the variety.
Whether it is a single filling machine or an entire filling line, we are committed to producing the right machine for our customers. If you have any needs for honey packaging or filling machines, you can contact us.

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