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Primary Packaging of Biscuits

  • Release Lime: Jul 04 2022
  • Source: Sherry
In order to reduce the breakage of the biscuits during transportation, the primary packaging of  biscuits is essential. There are many ways of primary packaging, and film packaging is the most common one. However, according to the type of packaging film, it can be divided into different packaging methods.
primary packaging of biscuits
1. Plastic film sealed packaging
This packaging method is mainly embodied by plastic film. Because of the irreplaceable advantages of plastic packaging materials in terms of performance, price and freight, more and more traditional packaging materials are replaced by plastic packaging. Plastic film is a good moisture-proof packaging material and is widely used in biscuit packaging. There are two main forms: one is bulk, the weighed biscuits are poured into the bag together, and then heat-sealed. The other is wrapping, in which a certain number of biscuit are arranged neatly, and then wrapped and sealed with film.
The characteristics of plastic film: good barrier properties, light plastic, easy to form, simple packaging, easy to sell.
2. wax paper wrap
Waxed paper wraps are another basic way to wrap cookies. Just line up a certain number of cookies and wrap them in wax paper to seal. This method is shading, moisture-proof and low-cost.
In addition to these two methods, some manufacturers also directly put the biscuits in the carton. But because the carton has poor moisture resistance, the shelf life is shorter.
In fact, there are many kinds of primary packaging for biscuits. In order to better ensure the taste and texture of biscuits, sometimes secondary packaging, tertiary packaging, etc. are required. If you want to know more about biscuit packaging methods and packaging equipment, you can contact us. (Email:

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