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Types of Packaging for Sauces

  • Release Lime: Jul 11 2022
  • Source: Sherry
According to the characteristics and packaging requirements of different types of sauces, different types of packaging for sauces are formed. Most sauces are packaged in several ways: plastic bottles, glass bottles, bags, etc.
 types of packaging of sauces
1. Stand up pouch
It's like a sturdy plastic bag that can stand on its own when the sauce is in it. Can be used for many different products. Some bags have zipper or screw caps that you can easily close and store again after opening. This packaging eliminates scooping, scraping and squeezing messy bottles and jars. This packaging is perfect for camping. Because you don't have to worry about it breaking on the way, and it's very portable.
*Flexible size so consumers can buy and carry what they need.
*Portability: Lightweight, easy to open and resealable.
*The ratio of product to packaging is higher compared to rigid means such as bottles and jars.
2. Bottles
Many mass-produced sauces are packaged in glass bottles. They can handle hot fill technology(Dispense sauce over high heat so it doesn't grow bacteria and doesn't require preservatives), and without leaching chemicals into the sauce. They are more expensive to source, fill and ship, but they are a better choice for the long-term development of the brand.
3. Small sachet

This is the sauce packaged in small bags. The usual packaging size is 5-10g. This packaging method is more suitable for single use, such as restaurants, takeaways, etc. If you choose to have a picnic one day, it's a great option.
Each packaging method has its advantages and is widely used. You can tell us your materials, packaging requirements, and users, and we will recommend suitable sauce packaging machine for you.

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