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How Much Does A Shrink Wrap Machine Cost?

  • Release Lime: Dec 16 2020
  • Source: Sherry
How much does a shrink wrap machine cost? The cost of a shrink wrap machine depends on a number of factors. General, a machine may cost you between 2000USD-5000USD for a basic use. On the other hand, it will cost more if we customize according to customer needs.
What makes a machine cost cheap and other expensive?
A number of factors can affect the shrink wrap machine cost, including:
Shrink wrap speed
For semi automatic machine, can wrap approx 10 items a minute; for automatic machine, can wrap up to 30 per minute. The faster the machine, the higher the cost. Whether a fast machine is better, this needs to be judged according to your actual production situation. If it is small scale production, semi-automatic is enough. If it is mass production, automatic is better.
Size of the machine
Our machine can wrap products as large as a door. But, put simply, the bigger the machine, the higher the cost. There are more materials and parts needed to build a machine as complex as this one.
 How much does a shrink wrap machine cost
Every machine require management. but for automatic machines, less management is required. It will save more labor.
Transportation cost
For large machine, the transportation costs will add to the overall cost of the machine. We’ve supplied to companies all over the world, which required sea travel to deliver the product. Some companies even require air freight.
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