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Shrink Wrap Machine Working Principle

  • Release Lime: Feb 26 2021
  • Source: Sherry
The working principle of shrink wrap machine is simple, use the shrink film cover products, then it is transported to the shrinking furnace, and after heating and shrinking, the shrink film is tightly wrapped on the surface of the products, so as to achieve the effects of dustproof, moistureproof and waterproof.
 shrink wrap machine working principle
Why do you use shrink wrap?
1. Shrink wrap performs the key function of protecting products against dust, moisture and dirt. That is very important for all products. Because of the effectiveness of the seal, fully shrink wrapped products also stay in optimum condition for longer than if exposed to the atmosphere.
2. Shrink wrap also holds products' shape well, so products always look their best, which is a critical consideration for consumer products.
How does shrink wrapping machine work?
How a shrink wrapping machine operates depends on the type of shrink wrapping machine involved. Among them, the L type is the most commonly used.

The L type has two sealing bars, which make a backwards L. The shrink film folds along these bars to create a pocket through the crease of the fold for your products to enter. Once your product is placed in that crease, the other three sides of the shrink film need to be sealed. The machine detects when a product is entirely in the machine to know when to wrap your items with shrink film before pushing it further down the production line. 

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