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Beer Filling Machine Working Principle

  • Release Lime: Jan 25 2021
  • Source: Sherry
The beer filling machine is developed according to the beer production process. Its working principle is: Send the cleaned bottles to the bottle feeding screw of the machine by the bottle conveyor belt, and sent to the turntable through the bottle feeding star wheel. The bottle supporting cylinder is raised. Under the guidance of the centering device, the bottle mouth is tightly pressed under the filling valve inlet to form a seal.
After emptying the bottle, the gas (CO2) in the storage tank flushes into the bottle. When the air pressure in the bottle is equal to the air pressure in the storage tank, the liquid valve opens under the action of the liquid valve spring. At this time, the beer is guided by the umbrella-shaped reflection ring on the return air pipe. It will automatically fill the bottle along the bottle wall. When the beer rises to a certain height, the beer will automatically stop, this completes the filling process.
 Bottle Filling Machine

How to choose filling machine?
A reasonable choice is an important way to ensure product quality and improve economic efficiency. In principle, the production principle of the product must be followed.
First, the appropriate machine should be selected according to the characteristics of the filling material (viscosity, foam, volatility, gas content, etc.) to meet the requirements of the production process.
For example, for aromatic beer, in order to avoid the loss of volatile aromatic substances, usually cup-type or atmospheric filling machines should be used. For juice, in order to reduce contact with air and ensure product quality, vacuum filling machines are generally used. Second, the production capacity of the filling machine should match the processing and packaging machinery before and after processing.
The productivity level directly reflects the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, the higher the productivity, the better the economic benefits produced. In order to improve product quality, a filling machine with high equipment precision and high degree of automation should be selected. However, the price of the machine will also increase. Therefore, when choosing a filling machine, relevant factors should be considered in combination with the requirements of the production process.
Of course, for different types of filling machines, the working principle also different, if you need more details, please feel free contact us:  

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