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How Do Packaging Machines Work?

  • Release Lime: Jan 21 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Packaging machines are important part in food production process, but how do packaging machines work? For different foods, different packaging machines are needed, so the working principle is different. Here we will show you several of them.
How do sauce packaging machines work?
The packaging film is made into a tube, filled with sauce and sealed, and the three functions are automatically and continuously completed. Its working principle is: The film placed on the supporting device is wound through the guide roller group and the tensioning device, after detecting the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material by the photoelectric detection and control device, it is rolled into a tube and wrapped on the surface of the filling tube by a former. First, use a longitudinal heat sealer to longitudinally heat seal to obtain a sealed tube, and then move to the transverse heat sealer for horizontal sealing to form a packaging bag. The material is filled into the packaging bag through the filling tube, and then heat-sealed and cut by the transverse heat sealer to complete one-time packaging.
 sauce packing machine
How do snack packaging machines work?
1. The material is in the upper feeding hopper and vibrates through the main vibrating plate, so that the material is distributed on the conical funnel to the linear vibrating plate.
2. When the material in the line vibration plate is insufficient, it will be detected by the material photoelectric detection switch, and the material conveyor will automatically feed.
3. The line vibration machine vibrates, drives the line vibration plate to vibrate, adjusts the appropriate amplitude and vibration time to send a certain range of material weight to each storage hopper.
4. Open the door of the storage hopper and send the material to the weighing hopper.
5. The CPU reads and records the weight of each weighing bucket, and then through calculation, analysis, and combination, it selects the combined weighing bucket closest to the target weight.
6. After unwinding, the packaging machine automatically completes the sealing and cutting steps.
 snack packing machine
How do horizontal packaging machines work?
The packaging film roll is installed on the shaft roller, the material is placed in the feeder, and the conveyor belt automatically transports the material to the packaging position. Packed in film; then it is heated and pressed into a form, then sent to the horizontal sealing cutter for heat sealing and horizontal sealing, cutting, and then the finished product is output by the conveyor belt.
horizontal packing machine
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