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What Is Shrink Wrapping System?

  • Release Lime: Aug 09 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Shrink wrapping system is a very popular packaging system, suitable for shrink packaging of various regular or irregular products. Widely used in batch shrink packaging operations, automatic film sealing and cutting, automatic coiling waste. The staff only needs to manually adjust the membrane system and manually adjust the feed conveyor platform. The system is suitable for products of different widths and heights and can be used with the automated packaging line.
 Shrink Wrap Samples
As a veteran packaging machine manufacturer, we constantly update the shrink wrapping system to maximize the satisfaction of our customers' needs.
〇 The sealing and cutting part is made of Teflon coating, anti-stick high temperature resistance, no cracking of the seal, no coking, no smoke, zero pollution, the sealing frame is made of high quality alloy steel, and the frame is not easy to be deformed.
〇 In order to pursue higher quality and high performance, the use of well-known brand accessories, the packaging effect is better, and the service life is longer.
〇 The height and width of the sealing and cutting machine can be adjusted according to the size of the actual packaged product (maximum sealing size 550*450mm), and the packaging range is wide, which is convenient for the users.
〇 Widely used in the packaging of food, beverage, printing, pharmaceutical, hardware and other industries.
 Shrink Wrap System
◎ The intelligent temperature controller has high temperature control accuracy, which improves the shrinkage efficiency.
◎ The furnace window adopts the observation window design, and the shrinking process is clear at a glance. The explosion-proof tempered glass is used for high temperature resistant materials, which is safe and secure, and is more intuitive for shrink packaging.
◎ The temperature meter and the lower heat are double-adjusted, and the large wind blade is used to make the shrinking furnace form a good wind circulation system, so that the heating temperature is more uniform and the shrinking effect is more refined.
◎ Electronic temperature control system, when the temperature of the shrinking furnace reaches the set temperature, the machine automatically stops heating. The temperature of the shrinking furnace is stabilized and energy is saved.
The shrink wrapping system is getting more and more advanced, if you want to know more details, please contact us for free.
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