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What Types of Filling Machines?

  • Release Lime: Aug 08 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Different material filling has different filling requirements, so there are many types of filling machines. There are four main types.
1. Atmospheric pressure filling machine
Liquid products are packed into packaging containers under normal pressure, only suitable for filling liquid products with low viscosity and no gas. Such as wine, vinegar, soy sauce and so on. It is mainly composed of bottle inlet wheel, bottle outlet wheel, conveyor, filling valve, spindle and drive system.
 Types of Filling Machines

2. Negative pressure filling machine
The container pump is negatively pressurized and the liquid is poured into the container. There are two types of negative pressure filling machines. The utility model relates to a storage tank with positive pressure, a container with negative pressure, and a filling dependent on a differential pressure. The other storage tank and container are all negative pressure, relying on the liquid self-loading filling. Suitable for filling juice, toxic pesticides and chemical reagents. The main features of this machine are no leakage of filling liquid, low bottle damage rate, small loss of liquid fragrance, suitable for different kinds of liquid filling.    
3. Isobaric irrigation machine
First fill the container, so that the gas pressure in the container and the external gas pressure is equal, and then fill. Suitable for filling carbonated drinks and wines with gas, such as soda, coke, beer, etc.    
4. Pressure filling machine
Fill the container with liquid under external mechanical pressure. Suitable for filling viscous materials. Such as toothpaste, ketchup, bean paste, balsam and so on.
These are the common types of filling machines, if you don’t know which types is suitable for your materials, please send your requirement to us, we will introduce you a suitable type.

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