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Sold Soap Packaging Machine to Canada

  • Release Lime: Aug 05 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Packaging is the last step in the soap production process. Different manufacturers will choose different packaging methods according to actual market needs. One of our Canada customers chose cellophane wrapping soap. He thinks this packaging method is more three-dimensional and more beautiful.
This kind of packaging method is mainly completed by a cello wrapping machine. The packaging film is cut by a cutter into a length that meets the packaging requirements. The soap is transported by a conveyor, and the cylinder is pushed to stack, wrap, fold, and heat seal. This machine uses a local point instant low-temperature package, which will not cause the soap to produce temperature changes, so it is called a cold pack machine.
*Fully enclosed plexiglass cover, beautiful and generous, sanitary and dustproof; especially suitable for users who have requirements for a sanitary environment.
*Omron control system and PLC touch screen operation interface. There is no material left on the track, and the operation is more stable and reliable.
*After the control system is started, it automatically completes the actions of pushing, unloading, cutting film, folding corners, folding up, folding down, heat sealing, discharging, shaping, etc. automatically in sequence.
*Play a good sealing, decoration, beauty, and moisture-proof function, in addition, there is an easy-pull wire and film bonded after packaging, which is convenient for unpacking.
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