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How Do Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealing Machines Work?

  • Release Lime: Aug 09 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Automatic pouch filling and sealing machine as a multifunctional packaging machine, loved by the majority of production companies.
Why do people like this machine?
1. Only need to change the feeding method, the machine can pack various forms of materials such as powder, liquid, granule, etc.
2. It can be used for packaging of various types of bags: four-side sealing bags, three-side sealing bags, stand up pouch, spout pouch, etc.
3. Filling and packaging high-value-added bags, contributing to improving the brand power of the product itself.
4. It is easy to replace the product and can correspond to a variety of products.
5. Market needs and trends (bag size and shape, etc.) can be flexibly responded.
How do automatic pouch filling and sealing machines work?
The entire packaging process is very simple, with 8 main steps:
How do automatic pouch filling and sealing machines work
1. Feeding bags
Put the premade bags on the bag storage location of the machine, and then suck the bags by the vacuum suction cups, and convey them to the bag clamping station one by one to realize the conveying work of the bags.
2. Clip bag
When the proximity sensor detects the bag, the robotic arm picks up the bag and then transfers it to a set of holders. When the bag moves around the rotating unit to different "stations", these bag holders will clamp the bag. On the best bag filling and bag feeding machine model.
3. Print date (optional)
If you need to print the date, place the device on this station. The bagging and sealing machine can use thermal printer and inkjet printer at the same time.
4. Zipper or open bag detection
If the bag has a zipper opening and closing, the vacuum suction cup will open the lower part of the bag, and the opening claw will grab the top side of the bag. The opening jaws are separated outward to open the top of the bag, and the prefabricated bag is inflated by a blower. If the bag does not have a zipper, the vacuum suction cup will still open the bottom of the bag, but will only engage the blower.
5. Filling
The material usually enters the bag through multihead weigher, auger, liquid filler pump, etc.
6. Sealing of bag
Sometimes, loose contents need to settle to the bottom of the bag before sealing. This station can achieve the purpose by gently shaking the prefabricated bag.
7. Bag sealing and venting
Before sealing, the remaining air is squeezed out of the bag through two venting parts. The heat seal is closed on the upper part of the bag. By heating and pressing, the sealing layers of the prefabricated bag are bonded together to form a firm seam.
8. Cooling and output
The cooling rod is passed over the seal to strengthen and flatten it. The finished bag is then unloaded into a container or on a conveyor, and then can be transported to offline equipment, such as an automatic checkweigher.
The above eight steps are an introduction to the working process of the food pouch filling machine. If you have any questions, you can ask us for a video.

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