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What Are the Steps of for Installing A Package Machine?

  • Release Lime: Dec 27 2022
  • Source: Sherry
What are the steps of for installing a package machine? Different types of package machines have different installation steps. Here we will introduce one of them, the horizontal packaging machine.
horiaontal packaging machine 
Package machine installation steps mainly include the following aspects:
1. Packaging film installation steps
Install the packaging film on the roller, the outlet is left.
Adjust the locking wheel so that the packaging film is in the middle of the roller.
According to the diagram on the machine, wind the packaging film well, and pass it through the bag forming device at the same time, and pull it until the paper pressing roller presses the paper tightly.
2. Packaging film tension adjustment
When the packaging film passes through the bag maker, if the tension is uneven, it will cause the packaging film to be conveyed unsmoothly, and it must be adjusted before it can be turned on.
3. Adjustment of longitudinal sealing part
When the longitudinal sealing and film feeding are not smooth when the machine is running, you can adjust the vertical sealing fine-tuning handwheel, speed up or slow down until the paper pulling wheel and pressing wheel are synchronously smooth.
The effect of bag vertical sealing should be airtight and the stripes should be clear. If the stripes are not clear, you can swing the angle of the pressing wheel to adjust.
4. Use of color code photoelectric eye tracking system
The color code photoelectric eye tracking system consists of programmable controller and paper feed encoder, color code, electric eye cutter encoder, cutter proximity switch, etc. Its function is to monitor the length of each package (no color code can not be monitored). The color code must be dark, preferably black. The color standard specification is 8-10mm horizontally and 3-5mm vertically.
5. Horizontal sealing knife holder adjustment
Tool holder adjustment method:
The height of the center of the packaged object should be directly in front of the position between the upper and lower cutters, so that the packaging effect is the best.
When there is a large difference between the packaged materials, the height of the tool holder must be readjusted.
Adjustment of horizontal sealing knife seat:
The adjustment of the knife seat is the key to the quality of the seal. The knife seat has been carefully adjusted and strictly inspected before leaving the factory, and it will not shift under normal operation, so in general, do not adjust the knife seat lightly.
Of course, in addition to the detailed installation manual, we also provide detailed installation videos, if you need, contact us. (0086-15515573212)

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