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Where to Buy Biscuit Packaging Machine?

  • Release Lime: Jan 03 2023
  • Source: Sherry
Where to buy biscuit packaging machine? Please contact CANKEY company, located in Zhengzhou, China.
We are a professional biscuit packaging machine manufacturer, producing various types of biscuit packaging machines, which can be used to pack various types of biscuits. We have more than 30 professional technical engineers, more than 10 years of experience in professional machinery R & D and production, focusing on packaging machinery products. Over the years, we have been continuously developing, innovating and making progress. At the same time, it introduces and absorbs foreign advanced technologies such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, and France.
 biscuit packing machine factory

In order to better serve customers, our company has formulated a comprehensive after-sales service system and efficient after-sales service measures, and opened a dedicated after-sales service hotline to provide customers with satisfactory answers to questions and technical service support in a timely manner. And there is an after-sales service department to conduct regular return visits to customers.
Our company currently has more than ten professional after-sales service engineers as a strong after-sales service team, providing guarantee for timely after-sales service to customers. 
After-sales process
After the machine is successfully installed and debugged, the company enters the customer file, and a professional after-sales service engineer is responsible for the technical tracking service and regularly tracks the use of the machine. After the machine breaks down, you can call us or notify our after-sales service department in writing. We will contact the customer by phone within 4 hours after receiving the notice to understand the detailed cause of the machine's failure and determine the solution. In order to better provide our customers with better services and protect your rights and interests, our company welcomes you to supervise our work and make valuable suggestions.
If you want to buy biscuit packaging machine, please contact us:

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