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Sugar Packaging Machines South Africa

  • Release Lime: Nov 03 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Our South Africa customer 2 sets sugar packaging machines to make sugar stick pack. Then they will be sold to cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.
The South Africa customer ordered a 6 lanes sugar stick packing machine, the packaging speed of this model is about 6 times that of his old machine. It can meet his current requirements for expanding production.
 sugar packaging machines south africa
What products can this machine pack?
Sugar, coffee, medicine, veterinary medicine, salt, seasoning, protein powder, and other powders or small particles products.
What is the working principle of the machine?
Pour the sugar into the storage hopper, and transfer the sugar to the screw metering device through the vacuum feeder to measure the sugar. Then, the packaging process is completed through the steps of feeding, filling, sealing, cutting, and finished product output.
What are the advantages of this machine?
1. Advanced performance, high strength, low noise, compact structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance and long service life.
2. High degree of automation, from slitting, vertical sealing, horizontal sealing, filling and feeding, batch numbering, easy tearing, cross cutting, and output of finished bags can be completed at one time.
3. Roller heat sealing, four-side sealing/three-side sealing, high-speed multi-bag packaging.
4. The filling and measuring is accurate, and the swing type discharging pipe is equipped with a triangular adjustable measuring cup feeding mechanism, so that each lane can be independently adjusted and measured.
5. It has strong adaptability to packaging materials, and the heat-sealing roller has high-precision automatic temperature control function, which can adapt to a variety of packaging films. Such as: PET/AL/PE PET/PE NY/AL/PE NY/PE,etc.
If you are not sure whether the machine is suitable for your material, you can contact us for more information.

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