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Sold Sugar Packing Machine to Philippines

  • Release Lime: Jun 28 2021
  • Source: Sherry
A Philippines customer order a sugar packing machine to pack 5-10 gram sugar sachet. Then supply to coffee shop, restaurant, etc.
This sugar packing machine occupies a small area, but the function is complete, weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, printing date/production batch number are all done by one machine.
Why Use the Machine to Complete Packing Process?
Save costs: Compared with labor, the machine has no labor cost, only the purchase cost and maintenance cost, and the service life is long.
Increase production: Automatic, fast packaging speed, effectively increase output.
Save time: The machine can ensure that your packaging needs are met, especially when dealing with urgent orders. Especially when dealing with urgent orders.
Easy to maintain: Maintaining this machine is very simple. You can easily remove most parts and replace them in the event of a failure.
How to Pack Sugar?
The packing process as: weighing- bag making- filling- sealing- printing date
This video can show you more intuitively:

Machine features:
☆ The host is displayed on the touch screen in English, and the operation is intuitive and simple.
☆ The PLC computer control system is more stable and can adjust any parameters without stopping the machine.
☆ The film is pulled by a servo motor, and the positioning is stable.
☆ Independent temperature control system, up to ±1℃.
☆ The horizontal and vertical sealing temperature are controlled independently, which can be well applied to various packaging materials such as composite film and PE film.

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