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What Is the Sugar Packing Process?

  • Release Lime: Jul 23 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Sugar always pack into small sachet, but do you know what is the sugar packing process? The packing process always complete by the automatic sugar packing machine.
How to pack sugar by machine?
1. Start to test run. Turn the handle of the blanking clutch to the disconnection mark, and start the machine to run dry after no abnormality.
2. Adjust the stepless governor to the slow position by the indicator.
3. After the machine is shut down, install the packaging film on the machine in the correct way.
4. Start the packaging machine to make an empty bag and check the quality of the seal.
5. Open the blanking handle and observe if the cutting time is correct.
6. Pour a small amount of material into the bucket, start the packaging machine, and check if the weight of the package meets the requirements.
7.  After the above preparations are completed, the finished product can be mass produced.

Stop sequence:
Disconnect the blanking clutch→Press the stop button to stop→disconnect the main power switch→Sweep and clean
Precautions for use:
1. The operator must be proficient in the above order, otherwise the machine may break down.
2. In the working process, attention should be paid to whether the machine sound is normal, whether the temperature is normal, whether the packaging film is used up, whether the material is used up. In the process of production, the operator should not leave the packaging machine, and stop the machine in time to check if there is any problem.
3. Adjust must remember the original size and position, so that the adjustment is not ideal when the original starting point.
Sugar Packing Process
4. Do not put tools and foreign objects on the machine to prevent them from falling into the mold and damaging the mold.
5. After a long time to clean the mold surface with a special copper brush, conducive to the quality of sealing.
6. Keep hands or objects away from the moving part of the machine during operation.
7. Check regularly whether the fastening parts of the machine are loose.
8. Gearbox oil should be changed every 3 months, each time with the oil standard center line as the standard.
Above is the complete sugar packing process, if you need more details, please contact us for free.
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