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Types of Pouch Packing Machine

  • Release Lime: Nov 08 2021
  • Source: Sherry
There are different types of pouch packing machine, according to the types of material, it can be divided into liquid, granule and powder pouch packing machine. It consists of a premade pouch filling machine and different material metering devices. Different types of pouch packing machines have different packaging ranges.
1. Pouch packing machine for particles: It is commonly used for automatic weighing and quantitative packaging of walnuts, peanuts, nuts, beans, candies, melon seeds, seeds, feed, pesticides, veterinary drugs, chemical raw materials and other granular, block, strip, and flake products.
2. Pouch packing machine for powder: It is mostly used for automatic packaging of powdered products such as milk powder, coffee powder, pepper, chili powder, barbecue material, curry powder, additives, premix, pesticide powder, veterinary powder and other powdered products.
3. Pouch packing machine for liquid: Automatic packaging of liquid or paste materials such as fruit juice, beverage, detergent, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, chili sauce, mustard sauce, etc.
 premade pouch filling machine
According to the types of use packaging machine can be divided into: rotary and horizontal.
1. The rotary type adopts a planar circular layout, mainly used for large-capacity and large-size prefabricated bag packaging, usually the packaging weight is between 300 and 3000 grams.
2. The horizontal type adopts a straight line layout, with a compact body structure and a small footprint, making it easier to realize the connection of upstream and downstream production lines. Packaging specifications are mostly used for prefabricated bag packaging of products below 1000 grams, such as condiments, pharmaceutical packaging, etc., with fast packaging speed and higher measurement accuracy.
The price difference between the rotary type and the horizontal type is not too great, both have packaging mechanisms such as bag loading, bag taking, bag opening, weighing, filling, sealing, and output. There is not much difference in product packaging effects, but more in the application direction and packaging specifications.
The machine is a product of the in-depth development of contemporary light industry. It has the characteristics of fast packaging speed, high measurement accuracy, and wide application fields. It plays a pivotal role in the fields of food, medicine, daily chemicals, agricultural medicine, veterinary medicine, etc., making more and more companies choose automated packaging. If you need automated equipment to complete the packaging process, please contact us.( )

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